How to care for Bronze Sculptures

bronze foundry how to care for bronze

Joshu Lucas – The Dancer

A well crafted bronze sculpture will last practically forever with very little maintenance.

It is important to know, however, that because of its high copper content, bronze will naturally oxidize and the patina colors will change over time.

Natural oils from your hands, sunlight, pollution, moisture, and even time itself will cause changes in the color of the bronze.

You can protect your sculpture from these problems to a certain extent by this simple program of regular maintenance…

1. Dust the pieces monthly with a dry cloth.

2. Every 3 months wax the pieces with Johnson’s Paste Wax or a comparable carnauba wax.

  • First clean the piece with a little solvent like naphtha, or if you’re afraid of disturbing a very complex patina, clean with a little soapy water on a cloth.
  • Never over-wet the sculpture.
  • After allowing time for any moisture to dry, apply a small amount of wax using a stippling motion with a round pastry brush, wait 15 minutes and buff with a soft dry cloth.

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