Sylvia is an artist with an international quality. Her work is not bound by her immediate environment. Sylvia’s organic sculptures explore universal themes. Some of her work relates to the female form, for extracting maternal qualities of tenderness and warmth.

Others works are purely abstract and she creates exquisite and striking beauty from simplicity. These forms and shapes are often rounded and pierced with holes. She conveys a feeling of sensual delight through her rhythmic contours.

Another section of her work explores the combination of geometric shapes, such as the circle or square. She builds up a variety of compositions from these elements. Sometimes these works have parts in two, three and four sections, or are juxtaposed in delicately balanced relationships.

She achieves the forms without apparent effort, although it is clear that she strives for a very disciplined and technical perfection. The works are polished to achieve a smooth patina or highly polished surface.

bronze foundry

bronze foundry

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