Gallery Representation:
Buenaventura Gallery
Ventura CA
Lee Hodges, art director

My work is in a way a biographical journey into how I comprehend what I see and what it is about a person or situation that I am inspired to convey. I translate this into clay and then into bronze figurative sculptures.

My art background started as a child growing up with my dad being an artist. I was introduced to the wonder of life through him and my eyes
were open to focus on human characteristics. These characteristics excited me to put what I saw down on paper with pencil as I had also seen my father do so often.

Susan received a fine arts degree from Ventura College, along with various workshops in Los Angeles and CSUN College. Susan studied with renowned artists and mentors David and Linda Elder at their Crystal Hawk studio in Ventura where she learned to turn clay into bronze.

Her background includes curating art shows through the Buenaventura Art Association for City Hall, Wright Library, and various banks. She has done commissioned work in sculpture, oil painting, and mural painting both indoors and out. Susan also has taught art in Los Angeles and now teaches art classes in various public schools in Ventura and Oxnard as well as through the Parks and Recreation in Ventura. After painting for many years Susan began sculpting almost six years ago, and has had many solo and group shows  receiving many awards between local and national competitions.

My life experiences are relevant to my work in that my inspiration comes from everyday life. I see music and movement in people as well as isolation and loneliness.  These moments then translate into sculpture.

bronze casting foundry
bronze casting foundry

Just Like Mommy

bronze casting foundry

The Binkley’s

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