The inspiration for my work emanates from the diverse forms and reflections of the human experience. Women and children are salient themes that represent love and hope, and always the promise of new life.

I am also inspired by the seemingly bucolic yet complex and aggressive nature of the animal kingdom. I enjoy portraying these great African animals replete with peer dynamics and subtext.

In creating a sculpture, I use not only my technical and artistic skills but I also draw heavily on my life’s exprience. In essence, my pieces are tiny microcosms of all I have learned up until that point. I often work from live models, and my ultimate goal is to avoid the pedantic and capture a fleeting moment, a universal truth, a timeless, thoughtful work that honestly reflects life within the parameters of my creative theme.

I have a home in Palm Desert, California, where I enjoy the changing moods of the desert and the surrounding mountains. I also own and operate a private studio in the city of Huntington Beach, California. I teach in my studio two days a week and offer private studio space for other artists and sculptors.

bronze casting foundry
Chair Recline
bronze casting foundry

African Queen

bronze casting foundry


bronze casting foundry

Reclining Nude

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