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Artist Paul Wegner is blessed with a musician’s soul, a master craftsman’s heart, an athlete’s drive, a dancer’s sense of balance and movement, and an engineer’s mind. The unique combination of all these traits has enabled him to create a remarkable and diverse body of distinctive moving and meaningful artworks over the past 20+ years. Whether they’re expressions in oil (a revisited passion) or experimental reliefs in acrylic or deep-etched glass or whether they’re patriotic statements done on a monumental scale or the renowned and more intimate-figurative bronzed done in Wegner’s signature “fragmented” style, each bears the recognizable imprint of this modern master’s hand.

Perhaps the ultimate expression in this fragmented style (which can involve dozens of separate castings in a single piece and stretches the lost wax casting process and foundry technology to their limits), have been Wegner’s bronze depictions of classical jazz and blues musicians.

A natural fit for one with a lifelong love of music, through these limited edition pieces Wegner has been able to immortalize the spirit of two uniquely American genres of music and present their heroes in a manner that accurately presents both the motion and emotion of their performance.

The success of these works led to Wegner becoming a two time recipient of the “Keeping the Blues Alive” award from the Blues Foundation in Memphis, Tennessee. And over the past decade Wegner has gone on to capture several key figures in the world of music. Among his most notable bronzes are “Mr. New Orleans” (Pete Fountain), “Louis’s Back”

(Louis Armstrong), “King of the Boogie” (John Lee Hooker), “Lady Day” (Billy Holiday), “Father of the Blues” (W.C. Handy), which sits in the First Heritage Museum and also appeared in the motion picture “The Firm”, and “Viva Santana” (Carlos Santana), which was presented to the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame guitarist in December 1976 (Currently Wegner’s “Handy” design is is used as the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Blues Foundation. Recipients include B.B. King, John Lee Hooker, Ahmet Ertegun, Bobby “Blue” Bland and Jerry Wexler.

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Good Vibes
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Jazz Master

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Musically Inclined

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