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Orlando Gallery
18376 Ventura Blvd.
Tarzana, CA 91365

Having grown up in Vietnam during the war, I did not have the opportunity to explore the creative side of myself. Much of my life was spent attempting to cope with the hardships that came in the aftermath of the war – picking up the pieces of a devastated homeland, immigrating to America, and rebuilding my life.

A mother of two grown children and the wife of a 28-year marriage, I discovered the beauty of sculpting much later in my life. After raising my children I began taking art classes. My fascination with human figures emerged when I realized that I could instill personality and movement in a piece of clay. My collection of female figures is a tribute to women- her grace and her strength.

In each piece I have also expressed feelings that I felt at some moment in my life. Liberation is my latest story depicting on a deeper level a metaphor for the hopes of women around the world.

My Phuong is primarily a self-taught sculptor. She briefly studied at California State University Northridge and at the California Art Institute.

She also partakes in occasional private training with mentor and master sculptor David Elder.

bronze  foundry
A Dance With Flame
bronze  foundry


bronze  foundry

Grace & Strength Torso

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