Lucius Frazier is an aspiring young artist with an extraordinary talent. Lucius has explored many art mediums but has found his real voice in sculpture. Since the age of 20 he has shown his work in New Jersey and New York.

Lucius primarily produces his sculptures in bronze. He has chosen American Fine Arts Foundry for their skill in re-producing fine sculpture and
maintaining the integrity of his work. When sculpting, Lucius often surprises himself as the piece emerges from the clay. “Sculpture allows me to express my vision in three dimensions giving me a greater sense of relationship with the piece,” says Lucius.

Lucius says that he has been blessed with a God given talent and is thankful for the opportunities it has given him. He has a degree in Advertising Design and soon will complete a second degree in Illustration.

bronze  foundry


bronze  foundry

Dancing Native American

bronze  foundry



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