I started drawing around the age of three. My mother, being an artist herself, encouraged my independent artistic expression which resulted in life drawings of abstracted nudes and pencil portraiture.

In my early teens I began focusing seriously on dance which became my major at Southern Methodist University and exposed me to the techniques of Martha Graham. Modern dance became my emphasis. I studied with the Martha Graham Company, in residence during the 1982 season, and in 1985 studied with Bertram Ross, one of the original company members. I became inspired by their immaculate beauty and their almost spiritual sense of movement. I found my own dance came alive.

My study and performance of dance continued for several years thereafter until a lower back injury ended my career. So in the spring of 1989, I was forced to re-evaluate my pursuits and recalled my original artistic focus. Art. I continued my study of life-drawing and sculpting in New York, Texas and Los Angeles. I found a new love in the clay and an ability to translate my knowledge of anatomy and movement into a physical form, thus capturing the human dance.

As for my subjects. I concentrate primarily on the female form for it’s aesthetic, but I cannot deny it’s convenience and familiarity.

My goal is to imbue the cold solidity of the bronze with a human spirit, or the energy of life. To me dance captures this life energy and is my inspiration.

bronze casting foundry
Dancer 1
bronze casting foundry

Dancer 2

bronze casting foundry

Dancer 3

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