With seventeen years experience as a commercial artist/sculptor in the motion picture industry John Brown is essentially self-taught as a sculptor.

It was an early fascination with the movies that led him to discover sculpture.

“I was really taken with these animated characters, and make-ups that would transform peoples’ faces in films. I realized that sculpture was an integral part of how this interesting work was achieved, so I just started doing it”.

Years later with a substantial career of recognizable motion picture credits including Best Picture winner “A Beautiful Mind” he felt it was the right time to pursue a long anticipated career in Fine
Art. “I learned so much in that business, technically speaking, but became somewhat disenchanted simply because I felt no connection with the work…it was time to move on”.

With his passion for sculpture still intact and being incredibly inspired by the figurative works of Degas, Carpeaux and Rodin, he knew he wanted to explore the human figure on a deeper level. “What was so inspiring about those three sculptors in particular was this incredible energy and passion in their work. Rodin’s work not only illustrated technical superiority, but it was in his unpolished surfaces of loose texture where I was able to see his energy, his passion, his restraint, his genius. I was incredibly inspired.”

Feeling a strong connection to this inspiration John began searching for a way to positively explore the human condition and to personify it through figurative art and found it in a body of work he calls “The Architecture of the Soul”. “This body of work focuses on our inner foundation, with an emphasis on our similarities as people regardless of cultural, ethnic, gender, religious or social status. Something that we can all identify with and understand. It was my connection with other artists, dancers in particular, that really ignited this”. The choreography of Alvin Ailey was incredibly instrumental in the birth of this body of work. “Seeing them perform live defined purpose and gave validation to the intrinsic value all art must have”.

John’s work has been exhibited in several juried fine art festivals and galleries and graces the homes of several clients. His sculptures have been featured in “Sculptural Pursuit” magazine as well as “Space” magazine and “Save the Date” magazine.

bronze foundry


bronze  foundry


bronze foundry


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