A self-taught sculptor, Greg Polutanovich was born in Sault St. Marie, Ontario Canada. Although a natural artist who impressed those around him with his talent and dedication to his artwork from a very young age, he surprisingly did not discover sculpting until he was 22. At that point a chance meeting with a sculptor in the film industry introduced him both to sculpting and the entertainment industry. Since then he has worked tirelessly to develop his sculpting skills while working on a variety of films, television shows, commercials, and other projects in the industry.

Greg originally focused on producing fantasy sculptures. He developed an international following for his finely detailed pieces and won a silver award in the seventh spectrum international competition for fantastic art, as well as having other pieces featured in the seventh and eighth books. He has a real fascination for western themes and wanted to explore the depiction of more realistic subjects so now he is devoting himself to producing western bronzes. He strives to create realistic figures with a feeling of movement that capture motion and evoke a mood, to tell the story behind the subject he is portraying. He receives many compliments on how expressive and lifelike his faces are, and recently won the “Best in Show” award for his “The Final Arrow” sculpture at the 2001 Celebration of Western Art, Cow Palace Grand National Rodeo in San Francisco, California.


bronze foundry
bronze foundry


bronze foundry

Mountain Man

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