Bronze dog sculptures specialist, Caesar was born in Los Angeles, California in the early 1960’s, Caesar Yanez has always had a penchant for creating and building whatever caught his curiosity.

Relentlessly, curious what techniques and medium artist utilized to create their art, drove him to experiment; therefore, allowed him to expand his knowledge in a broad array of medium.

Caesar like many others growing up would always hear about starving artists that could not seem to make ends meet. This belief and that artists were a dime a dozen were embedded into Caesar’s mind, since the 1970’s. Consequently, Caesar never desired to make a living as an artist, but treated it as his passion of love.

In the mid 1990’s he was contacted by Dannyquest Designs and was offered freelance work as a dog sculptor. Several sculptures were produced under their name. Caesar enjoyed the week-to-week challenges of creating new canine sculptures.

Caesar never enjoyed the constant deadlines and limitations that were placed on his work. Caesar was always criticized by the owner for making his sculptures too large.  Caesar did not see a challenge in creating small sculptures and therefore lacked the drive for them. To Caesar a sculpture needs to be the focal point, one that demands your attention when you enter a room. Moreover, Caesar did not care for the cold-cast bronze resin sculptures that were being produced. Many collectors were unknowingly purchasing bonded-bronze sculptures, thinking they were the lost-wax bronze.

For museum quality sculpture art, they need to be produced in a precious metal or stone. Plastic just does not qualify as a desired medium. Collectors need to be better educated when purchasing art. Perhaps it is the seller’s job to disclose (educated) what exactly is cold-cast-bronze.

Caesar owns several cold-cast-bronzes and resin-airbrushed sculptures because he admires the detail and emotion the artist has invest in it; however, he never expects them to appreciate in value as a museum quality bronze would; however, there are exceptions to every rule.

Caesar spent about six years (2000 – 2006) learning the art of woodworking at the Cerrito’s College wood department. Once he learned and understood wood technology, Caesar incorporated his artistic skills into his wood projects. He did this in the form of woodcarvings that embellished all his projects.

Caesar has self-taught himself to wood carve, oil paint and sculpt. He will occasionally purchase books and tutorials to enhance his craft. His belief is that no matter how talented you are, there is always someone out there that will emulate your talents and art.

It took many years for Caesar to understand that there are many forms of art; to use a cliché, “different strokes for different folks”, is very true. All forms of art have their purpose in life. Judging someone’s art is not for Caesar, he just now likes to appreciate it for what it is… “someone’s expression”.

Currently, Caesar is working on a 1/4 scale sculpture of the Battle of Anghiari.

bronze dog sculptures

bronze dog sculptures

bronze dog sculpture

Fine Art Rhodesian Ridgeback


Thor – God of Thunder


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