From the moment I first set my fingers into clay I fell in love with sculpture. At the time there was only a beginning life sculpture class available, but when the semester was over I had not had enough of sculpture. I asked Ray if he would be interested in offering me an advanced sculpture class, he said yes and I became the first and only advanced sculpture student at that time. I worked on life sized figures and twice life sized portraits. It was great. People all over the school would come over to see the new work being created. Later came foundry classes and sculpture took another turn. BRONZE!! I soon graduated but continued taking classes and doing foundry work.

My skills have continued to grow over the years and I like to think that with every new sculpture I learn a bit more. I hope that in the years to come my work continues to develop into the ideas and ideals that I had for it in those early years. With a newfound dedication to my work, I am confident that the best is still to come

bronze foundry

bronze foundry

Self Made Man

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