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Custom Bronze Casting Foundry

Custom Bronze Casting Foundry
Surrender by John Brown

Expert-Level Bronze And Stainless Steel Casting Ensures Perfect Reproductions of Your Art

Our Custom Bronze Casting Foundry will reproduce your original sculpture while maintaining the integrity of your creative work. Our team of master artisans specialize in reproducing fine art sculpture in bronze and stainless steel. Our experienced team will work directly with you through each step of the process from mold-making, wax and metal chasing, to patination to provide a perfect bronze reproduction of your original work of art.

The end result is a final piece that is the true representation of your original idea. You’ll be proud of your final casting as it will be exactly the way you wanted it while meeting and hopefully even exceeding your expectations.

Custom Bronze Casting Foundry Services

Highly skilled professionals to meet sculptors' needs

Highly skilled professionals to meet sculptors’ needs

Click here to see the 8 step molding and foundry process in action.

Whether you’re a sculptor who needs to realize your latest work in bronze, or an art publisher who needs a professional, reliable and consistent casting partner, American Fine Arts Foundry can help.

Request a no obligation free quote on your next casting. Or click the links below to learn more about how American Fine Arts Foundry can help you with your art projects. . .


American Fine Arts Foundry provides world-class fine art foundry services for artists and art publishers at competitive prices. For more information about the fine art foundry services we provide, call us at 818-848-7593 or visit our contact form.
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