Artists: Make Your Vision Come To Life With Precision Craftsmanship That Maintains The Integrity Of Your Original Work

Karo Woman bronze by Stacy Bayne

Karo Woman by Stacy Bayne

American Fine Arts Foundry Is Your Full Service Art Foundry Specializing In Mold Making, Top Quality Production and Custom Patination.

Dear Artist,

Hello, my name is Brett Barney – President of American Fine Arts Foundry.

If you’re like most of our artist clients, you may be searching for a fine art foundry that can reproduce your vision in bronze while maintaining the integrity of your original sculpture. We understand your art is “your baby” and you’ll want to see the project through from beginning to end making sure it’s truly the unique work of art you envisioned.

American Fine Arts Foundry offers everything you need to produce a perfect bronze or stainless steel reproduction of your original art work. Plus, you have the option of participating in the foundry process with our master artisans in the wax, metal and patina steps of the process to ensure that your original work “comes alive” as you intended. With our unique colorizing processes and formulas for patinas, dyes and pigments you’ll be able to make your art truly “one of a kind.”

Here are the specifics on how we can help…


Athlete bronze sculpture by Richard Becker

Athlete by Richard Becker

Expert-Level Craftsmanship With A Commitment to Quality
We’ll reproduce your original sculpture while maintaining the integrity of your creative work. Our team of master artisans specializing in art sculpture, wax mold-making and patinas will work directly with you to provide a perfect bronze reproduction of your original art piece. The end result is a final piece that is the true representation of your original idea. You’ll be proud of your final bronze as it will be exactly the way you wanted it while meeting or possibly even exceeding your expectations.

Experienced With All Types of Sculpture
We can work with any type or size of sculpture from small table-top pieces to monumental art. No matter what type or size, we’ll know how to approach and execute your project so the final outcome is exactly what you wanted. Plus, you’ll get advice on how to most efficiently complete your project so you can save time and money.

A Vast Array of Finishing Options
From traditional patinas to colorful dyes and pigments, our finishing options will give you a broader spectrum of choices to make your fine art sculpture more original and distinctive allowing you to go in new directions. You’ll be proud of your art and have fun exploring new directions while you “go into uncharted territory” with your creativity. Like a creative partner, we help you find new creative direction to get recognition (and sales) of your art work.


The English Bulldog bronze sculpture by Caesar Yanez

The English Bulldog by Caesar Yanez

Expert Mold-Making Services
Our traditional “Lost Wax” casting process allows you to replicate your work with incredible detail. Using only the finest mold making materials, you will get a very detailed and accurate mold of your original work. We allow you to participate in the process by performing a “wax check” prior to casting so you’ll be able to make sure it’s perfect before going into production. Plus, our in- house mold makers’ keen understanding of the entire art production process allows us to design your mold for ease of production allowing us to get your art reproduction finished efficiently and precisely while keeping your costs down.

Sculpture Enlargement and Reduction Capabilities
Many customers will like your art, but want a custom size. We can scale your work up or down in size digitally to give you and your customers more options. This can save you time allowing you to satisfy your customers more quickly and allow you to sell more art by offering sizing options. For example, you can run 3 editions (small, medium and large) off the same original so you can cater to your customer’s and galleries needs and sell more. Plus, sculpture enlargement/reduction allows you the added benefit of working in a size that’s comfortable for you and then later scaling it to the size you wish to publish.

Knowledgeable Staff And Marketing Direction
Want to know what’s on the “cutting edge” or the latest trends? Want to know what’s successfully selling in the galleries so you can produce work that appeals to today’s market? We can guide you with current trends and recommendations on additional sizes, patina choices, and styles. If you need marketing direction we can show you how to make the progression from selling your own work to working with art publisher’s and galleries.

Convenient Location
If you’re flying in from out of the area, we’re conveniently located within walking distance of the Burbank, CA airport in the Los Angeles area. Give us a call and let us know when you’re coming.


custom bronze casting

Custom bronze casting


American Fine Arts Foundry provides world-class fine art foundry services for artists and art publishers at competitive prices. For more information about the fine art foundry services we provide, call us at 818-848-7593 or visit our contact form.
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