Art Publishers: Are You Searching For An Art Foundry Who’s A Reliable Partner Providing Fast Turn-Around And Consistent Execution… At A Price Point That Provides You Optimized Profitability?

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American Fine Arts Foundry Is Your Full Service Art Foundry with Value-Added Business Services Such as Inventory Management, Drop-Shipping and Marketing Support.

Dear Art Publisher,

Hello, my name is Brett Barney — President of American Fine Arts Foundry.

If you’re like most of our publishing clients, you may be searching for a fine art foundry that can produce your work with consistent high quality, provide fast turn-around for ensuring your customer’s satisfaction, and deliver it at an optimal price point to ensure your profitability.

American Fine Arts Foundry gives you everything you need to produce your work with the added benefits of streamlining your business by reducing the time and headaches you experience with producing and distributing your art pieces.

The result is consistent production quality and turn-around times needed to be efficient at getting your art into the art galleries and marketplace. Plus, we can help you streamline your business even more with our optional support services like distribution, inventorying and drop-shipping.


Stainless steel sculpture - Wintersong by Scott Hanson

Wintersong by Scott Hanson

A Custom Program Ensures We’ll Consistently Meet Your Production Specifications At A Price Point That Optimizes Your Business Model

Here are the specifics on how we can help…

You need more time to be creative and market your work. We’ll help you focus your energy on exactly what makes you successful by designing a custom manufacturing program for you that’s based upon your needs for the market you serve. We take all the production back-end off your hands so you can concentrate on marketing and sales.

First, We’ll Assign You A Program Manager
We’ll assign a Program Manager who will work with you to define your expectation of quality, delivery, finish, and distribution needs. This is your single point of contact who will be intimate with your business and offer advice for getting consistent output at the best price.

Second, We’ll Help You Establish the Quality Specifications
By having a “quality spec” you’ll get consistent output at the quality you need to meet or exceed your customer’s needs at a price point that meets your profit goals. The end result is you’ll get consistent quality without the need to conduct frequent quality checks.


bronze art foundry for art publishers

Acquiesce by John Brown

Third: Define Optimized Pricing
The market will tell you what they’re willing to pay for your type of work. We’ll help you optimize to hit specific price points defined by your market. We fit your production program to the target price point you need to “hit” in the market so you can make your desired profit margin.

Fourth: Forecast Demand
Your art customers do not want to wait months for their art work. We’ll assist you with forecasting demand so you can be sure you’ll have product on the shelf ready for quick shipping. This will help you satisfy customers more quickly resulting in more art sales.

Then we’ll provide these additional services to finish your project at the quality level and price point you expect…

How To Create For Ease of Production
Want to deliver compelling work while maximizing your profitability? We’ll provide direction on how to sculpt to reduce your foundry costs by making your art pieces easier to cast and finish.

Design of Molds
We have full-time in-house mold makers to get your mold finished and ready for production within 1-2 weeks. We use the highest quality mold making materials such as silicone rubber to give you the maximum in mold longevity and the finest level of detail.

Fast Turn-Around On Foundry Proofs
When you place your order for your first piece, we can provide you with a foundry proof within 2-4 weeks so you can confirm that you like the quality, finish, and look of the piece. This will make your project go faster so you can get new work quickly into the market for sales and customer feedback.


Coming Round bronze sculpture by Linda Brunker

Coming Round by Linda Brunker

Provide Art Sculptors
If you are an artist or painter who typically works in media other than sculpture, we can work with you to match you with a qualified sculptor to sculpt your imagery in 3-D. This can create an entirely new market for you while saving you the time hassles of tracking down a suitable sculptor.

Sculpture Enlargements And Reductions
Need to enlarge or reduce your sculpture to a specific size? We have the latest in 3-D scanning technology to digitally scan your maquette, and then enlarge or reduce it in size. Our computerized 3D scanning technology produces extremely accurate foam enlargements and reductions.

World Class Patinas for Bronze Art
High quality castings are a must, but the patination can make the sale! You now have at your disposal a wide range of chemical patinas, dyes, pigments and colors to make your art more unique and marketable. Our experienced finishing department can work with you to define custom patinas and finishes that will be unique to your work.

A Quality and Consistent Product
From one-off originals to limited editions of hundreds of pieces we’re able to keep your quality consistent and at the level you demand. You define the patina and finish, and our team will match it. The result for you is increased gallery and customer satisfaction and reduced re-work. As a result, you’ll save time, hassle and money.

Professional Art Photography for Your Marketing Materials
Don’t lose out on the additional sales you could be getting if you had images of your work on your brochures, catalogs, and web site. Use our turnkey relationship with a professional art photographer to get photos for your brochures, catalogs, and web site. This is yet another logistical step that we completely eliminate for you which save you additional time and money.


bronze art foundry for publishers

bronze art foundry

Inventory Stocking
Don’t let long fulfillment times cost you sales by frustrating your customers or the art galleries. We’ll stock a small inventory and build on demand based on your level of sales. This service will help you keep your position in the gallery secure so you can make more sales by always having art pieces on demand.

Take the shipping and logistics hassles out of your business to reduce your shipping costs and headaches. We’ll ship your work directly to the gallery or customer with our drop shipping services eliminating any foundry to warehouse shipping expenses. This takes the business hassles of product shipping logistics and lets you focus on what you do best.

American Made
Don’t lose control or have your art work stolen. Having your art made in the U.S. gives you more control over production, ensures copyright protection, and protects you from illegal “knock offs” and distribution.
As you can see, our fine art foundry services are designed to help you get high-quality bronze and stainless steel art production, a price point that provides you with high profitability and the additional support services to streamline your art publishing business. We look forward to working with you. Contact us today to discuss your art project.
“They can tailor a production program that meets your individual needs. Best of all their prices are competitive.” – Randy Buck, Sculptor

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