Give Your Piece The Edge

Having your work stand out among all the other art work at a gallery or show is priceless. You never want your work to be over looked because it didn’t have that pop or wow! factor. At AFA we understand that the work has to speak for itself and if it doesn’t a sale could be missed. As an artist you need every advantage you can get so it can stand out in the crowd.

The AFA Difference – Chasing Perfection

If you stop and think about it, all art foundries utilize the same materials in the same process to convert your sculpture into bronze. So what makes one foundry different from another? It’s all about talent. With a team of artisans who average more than 23 years of art foundry experience, you can be sure that your details and textures will be exactingly reproduced while maintaining the integrity of your original sculpture. Our legacy is the accurate reproduction of fine detail and mastering each artist’s unique textures when chasing wax and metal. Once the metal is ready, we help our clients find that perfect patina for the newly created bronze sculpture. Our culture of attention to detail that comes from producing table-top sized sculptures is also how we finish your large work.

With AFA you can cast any size work from tabletop size to monumental. We consistently produce editions of more than 300 pieces while at the same time handling life-size to monumental sculpture. AFA is the business partner of choice for sculptors that need a professional experience and fine-art quality castings delivered on time. The AFA reputation is built on years of providing the high quality workmanship required to consistently deliver large editions and programs. No other foundry can match AFA’s experience in managing the production of entire portfolios by so many artists.

Sculptors come to AFA from all over the world – each for their own reasons – but mostly because we listen. Selecting a foundry is about choosing a partner that will take the time to learn the subtleties and nuances of your work. We want to be sure that the finished sculpture you receive is the vision you had when you brought the project to the foundry.

Our History

Located in Southern California, American Fine Arts Foundry is one of America’s oldest and most revered fine art foundries, having produced some of the finest historical and contemporary sculptural work of the past 40 years. We have been the foundry of choice for important historical works such as the Leonardo da Vinci Horse and Rider, The Norman Rockwell Sculpture Collection, and the art deco sculptures of Erte, as well as many of the finest contemporary sculptors in America today including Richard MacDonald and Bill Mack. In 2002 Image Fine Art was purchased and now operates under the name American Fine Arts Foundry.

The AFA Hallmark

For clients that wish to have it, your sculpture can be marked with a small AFA stamp. AFA has come to mean the highest standard in fine bronze art reproduction and many collectors see this is a Hallmark of quality and seek it out on the sculpture they collect. The AFA Hallmark stands for

  • Tackling difficult technical art casting challenges
  • Maintaining integrity of the original sculpture
  • Fine detail reproduction
  • Professionalism
  • Service

Defining Full Service Foundry

Full service means more than “molds and castings”. Specializing entirely in fine art casting, American Fine Arts Foundry serves leading artists and art publishers around the world with the finest level bronze and stainless steel foundry services. We also help our clients achieve their business and marketing goals.  We offer everything you need for producing and distributing your sculpture from mold making, casting, enlarging and reducing, patination, marketing, inventory and even drop shipping services.
Click the following links to learn more about American Fine Arts Foundry…

  • Inventory Stocking
  • Drop Shipping
  • Repair & Refinish Services
  • Digital Enlargement and reduction
  • Sculpture Services
  • Mold Making

About Brett Barney, President

Brett Barney - AFA Foundry

Brett Barney

Brett Barney has had a diverse career working in both small and large business, giving him a blend of skills and experience that he draws upon regularly to lead American Fine Arts Foundry. He began his career in the late 80’s as a manufacture’s rep in the gift and collectibles business where he learned how to market and sell art and collectibles to the retail channel. With a desire to revitalize historic properties to their former glory, he took on the challenge to manage a boutique construction firm that focused on the rehabilitation of historically significant homes in downtown neighborhoods in Northern California. In this capacity Brett learned the ins and outs of operating a small business.

The next 15 years of Brett’s career were spent in Fortune 500 manufacturing companies where he learned leading edge manufacturing processes. During these assignments, Brett held positions in marketing, sales, and operations where he learned the detailed inner workings of world-class manufacturing operations.

In 2002 Brett met up with Flint Reisfelt, who was running American Fine Arts Foundry. Brett got involved to help Flint explore growth opportunities. In 2004 Brett signed on to become the President of the company with the goal of leading the company to its full potential as a key supplier to artists and art publishers who need a strong business partner to deliver consistent quality on a timely basis.

For a creative outlet, Brett enjoys designing furniture and dabbles in sculpting. While pursuing these passions, Brett has been closely connected to the art community. Over the years he has assisted many artists in the development of their business and establishing their work in the marketplace.

Brett holds a B.S. degree in Business Administration from San Jose State University.
American Fine Arts Foundry provides world-class fine art foundry services for artists and art publishers at competitive prices. For more information about the fine art foundry services we provide, call us at 818-848-7593 or click here for our contact form.

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  • “AFA’s depth of experience and disciplined approach prepared them for every challenge we presented, and made them a pleasure to deal with. The work was of the highest quality, and the professional attitude of the team was outstanding. They became integral team members. The luckiest day of that project was when we walked through their Continue Reading

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    Claro Creative Studios
  • “AFA Foundry enables me to capture the true essence of the beauty of bronze.”

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    Stacy Bayne
  • “I have been casting my sculptures at American Fine Arts Foundry for the past 22 years. The staff, namely, Angel, Sandra, Nick and all the artisans, technicians and experts in the field of casting are and have been outstanding, helpful, knowledgeable and have produced excellent quality of fine polished & patina bronzes and stainless steel Continue Reading

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    Sylvia Chait
  • “I love my trips to AFA. The staff is a joy to work with-they’re friendly and accommodating and their “team spirit” means they never miss a deadline.”

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    Linda Brunker